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Fixed Some input data not being saved to the XF Draft system

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Staff member
XenForo Version: XF 2.0.0 +
Showcase Version: SC 3.0.0 +
As per title, when creating a new showcase item, some of the input data is not being saved to the XF draft system, so if leaving and coming back, that data is lost. Its been this way since Showcase 3.0.0, so obviously not a major issue, or someone would have reported it by now!
The following is now included in the $extraData in the XF Draft system.
  • Author Rating
  • Sections 2-6 (RTE only, custom fields not effected)
  • Location
  • Meta description
Note: This pertains only to the low level XF Draft system. It has nothing to do with Showcase's much more advanced Draft System!
Not open for further replies.