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Implemented Table of Contents - Sections, Custom Item Field Pages and Item Pages


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As per title (and explained in this implemented suggestion Implemented - Pages) Showcase now has a Table of contents (TOC) sidebar block on the Overview Page, Tabbed Section Pages, Tabbed Custom Item Field Pages and individual Item Pages for multi page items.

This is a simple sidebar block, nothing more, nothing less. Links are dynamically generated based on various configuration settings.

Order if display in the TOC:

Section 1 (linked to overview tab, anchored to Section 1)
Sections 2-6
Custom Item Fields as Own Tabs (display order set per custom item field)
Pages (in display order set by each page)
Full view (only if there are pages).

The Table of Contents block will only display if there are at least 2 sections (Section 1 and 1 of sections 2-6) OR at least 1 Custom Item Field Page OR at least 1 Page of a multi-page item. If there are no pages and no custom field pages and only Section 1, then there will be no TOC displayed.

Same basic scenario applies to the Dropdown navigation in the Buttons Bar.
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I've updated this first post to include Custom Item Field Pages (item fields that are displayed as Own Tab).

In this shot, you can see the Table of contents includes Sections (3 of them), Custom Item Fields (1), and Pages (3 of them, plus Full view).

Display order is Sections, Fields, Pages.