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Title Filters


Staff member
Instead of the old school a-z "Jump Menu", I've add a new "filter" to the Showcase FILTER system which allows users to filter items by the first letter of the title (also a # option to list titles that start with a numeric value).

I did this way for 2 reasons.

The first is that IMO, it looks better tucked away in the Filter Menu than it does above or below the Sort Order Tabs (which also helps with responsive views for medium and narrow devices).

The second is that it works in conjunction with the other FILTERS as well as the sort order tabs. This way you are not stuck with an Alphabetical only listing of all items starting with the letter G. Instead, you can sort them by Most Recent, Most Popular etc. You can also Filter by G AND 4 star +Rating AND Featured AND Prefixed Breaking News (just as an example)

Just like all the other Filters, the "Title Filters" can be enabled/disabled via Showcase Options (this is a global only option, not a per category).

Here is a quick screen shot...



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