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Implemented Re-Implement the [Watch author] feature from the XF1 version of AMS


Staff member
alfa1 said:
As per title, please re-implement the "Watch" Author feature for the XF2 version of AMS

As a favor to @alfa1 and many others, I've re-implemented the popular "Author watch" feature from the XF1 version of AMS into the XF2 version of AMS. Works the same way as it did in AMS 1.x and has the same behaviors as all other WATCH functions.

Note: The Watch System is designed in a way that prevents duplicate alerts/emails eg, if you are watching both a Category and an Author, you are not going to receive 1 alert for watching the category and another for watching the user, they are prioritized and Categories take precedence.

The [Watch] and [Unwatch] buttons are displayed in the standard XF button location (same place as Article Pages, Category Pages etc).


Clicking on the [Watch] button launches an overlay with a few options (standard watch options).


Clicking on the [Unwatch] button launches the standard confirmation overlay.


There is a new navigation item "Watch authors" (you can change the sort order via the Public navigation manager).


The Watch authors page is no different than other "Watched whatever" page. Its simply a listing of all authors that you are watching. This area has all of the standard watch management controls.


You can watch an author from their Profile Page by clicking on the Articles tab, which displays the first page of the Authors page within a tab container on the profile, so the [Watch] or [Unwatch] buttons are available and can be used.

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