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Resolved Suspected problem with styles?


New Member
AMS Premium
My articles are appearing, but they seem to be missing some unique AMS elements, like:
- description
- about the author

I also checked Style Properties and couldn't find anything AMS-specific. Still, I feel like I'm missing something...

I did check this thread and confirmed everything is set correctly:
Styles does not support the AMS

I only use default style, and customize some elements / use extra.less for some things.
For the About the Author... its a Per Article option that is enabled by default. Authors need to enable/disable it on a per article basis, so check and make sure that is set for each of those articles. Also make sure the Author has the "About Author" filled in on their account.


As for the optional Description.... that is designed to be used for SEO purposes (used for the meta description and OG description). It i also used on Layout Types in lieu of of a snippet of the article itself. IIRC, its not used anywhere else (I'd have to do some digging the next time I work on AMS to make sure). If you'd like it displayed somewhere that its not, you can create a thread in the suggestions forum :)