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Styles does not support the AMS


New Member
the styles - invision dark from xenmake.com and novus from xenfocus.com do not support the AMS system. What can i do?
What exactly isn't supported?

I work closely with the major Style Designers that have been around for the past 7 years (Pixel Exit, Audentio/ThemeHouse, Arty/Artodia etc). We are all pretty close and talk often to make sure addons and styles work as good as they can out of the box. It will never be perfect, but for the most part, I've never had any major issue with even the most PICKY of Styles which is UI.x from Themehouse since I talked with Mike and they changed things. Any minor issues have either been handled by Mike/Audentio or myself (depending on what it is).

As long as the Style follows Core XenForo standards and doesn't change the behavior of core classes, the style should work fine out of the box for the most part. The only style in the past 7 years that I've ever had some major issue with was UI.x and I was able to work with Mike to get UI.x to stop changing the behavior of core class and every since then, things have been fine (minus the tiny custom stuff that xenforo doesn't handle like color of the Editor Review Stars which is something you can change on your own without effecting anything but AMS).

I can tell you that xenfocus has never reached out to me and nobody has ever reported any issues with any of their styles.
When I use Novus by Xenfocus and click the tab artikler - I am in the DK. It falls back on a differant style - the executive style that I do not use as main theme.
The only way that would happen is if you explicitly set one of the STYLE options settings to render the page in a specific style instead of the viewing users default style.

Check the following settings.

Admin CP >> Options >> AMS Options >> General Options Tab


If this option is set to a specific style, it overrides the style that the user has set. This is done so that you can force a specific style for AMS.

Each Category also has the ability to set a specific style. This allows you to only set specific categories to have forced styles that override the users style choice.

Admin CP >> Article Management System >> AMS Categories >> [Category] (you'll have to check each category) >> Category Page Options