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Not Planned Settle Multiple Events


Unless im missing something settling lots of events that finish at the same time is a bit of a pain. eg If i add full fixture list from premier league football.

would be good if you could check all the events you want to settle and they appear in a list where you can select the results of all events to be settle and click a button to settle them all.

I appologise if this is already somehow possible, but at the moment I have go to the list of events awaiting settlement, click on an individual event and the click settle. Then repeat another 10 times for the other events
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This suggestion has been closed. Votes are no longer accepted.
This is currently not possible. It has been requested and rejected multiple times now. I MAY introduce it in a future version, but for now, you have to settle each event on its own. This isn't something that you can just "tweak" and do either. It would take substantial rebuilding of the current architecture (which is why its not an option and I keep rejecting it).
Let's say that we have soccer events for the Champions League (usually there are 8 matches in the same day). It is pain going one by one settling each one. It would be awesome if you could provide a tool to mass settle all the events awaiting settlement.
I've merged this with an already existing suggestion which explains that this is not possible.