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Implemented Set default odds format type for add outcome


AMS Premium

It would be awesome if through the Sportsbook options we were able to set the preferred default odds type for when creating outcomes. I use fractional odds all the time, so it would be great to be able to have it ready and selected as the default, which would save a lot of time having to manually select it all the time.

If this already exists somewhere and I'm missing it let me know. :)


cc @tajhay
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This is something that I recently added as a global option and will be available with SB 2.1.2

You can now choose which odds format type will be default when creating new outcomes.


As you can see in the above image, I've set the default odds format type to "Fractional", so when I click on "Add outcome", the "Current odds" input is default set to "Fractional".

Thanks so much Bob!
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One other question - as a result of this change, is it possible to tab directly down from the title to the first box where you enter the odds? IIRC, it goes through the type as well. More just an efficiency "nice to have" type thing which I remember from an older vers. of Sportsbook on XF1. That said, the fact that you're on a webpage with multiple form elements might be constraining.... Anyway just a thought.

The change already implemented will make life a lot easier! :)