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Implemented Ability to enter odds directly in decimal format



Unless I'm missing something, when creating an outcome the only option for "Current Odds" is to enter the fraction. The system then displays it in decimal according to options set at the ACP, however, it would be awesome if you could also provide an option to set the default mode for "Current Odds" so this way when we create outcomes we can enter directly x.y instead of having to use an odd converter to put something like a/b.


Okay this one is really a pain. In my region all the sport betting systems use the decimal format, thus when adding the outcomes on my events, I currently have to do this:

1. Go to the most common sport betting systems of my country and manually get their odds (in decimal format).
2. Go to oddsconverter.co.uk, paste the decimal odd and then convert it.
3. Go to my forum and add the odd, in fractional format.

And I have to do that for each outcome, trust me it works but it is frustrating (step #2).

I know that you have already released a new version a few days ago thus I think it's almost impossible to see a new update anytime soon implementing this suggestion.

So I kindly and respectfully ask you to (only if it is easy and if you have some free time) to provide me instructions as to how to change the code in order to be able to enter the odds directly in decimal format. If you are too busy and don't have free time, don't worry, I have no option but to wait :(
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I released a 3rd point (SB 1.10.2) maintenance release a few days ago, not a 2nd point release or 1st point release.

1st point release X.x.x = Major Rewrite of the entire Addon
2nd point release x.X.x = New Features, bug fixes, major/minor updates
3rd point release x.x.X = Maintenance Release (bug fixes, minor updates only)

What you are suggesting here (if ever considered) would be handled in a 1st point or 2nd point release, not a maintenance update.

If you want/need this in the XF1 version of Sportsbook, you are going to need to hire a developer.
This has been implemented for Sportsbook 2.0.0 (XF2)

Here are some teaser screen shots (DO NOT ASK ME QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS RIGHT NOW!)

When you first create an outcome, the default odds input is determined by Sportsbook settings. I have it set to Moneyline as that is the main type of odds that I deal with. For those that live in the UK and primarily deal with Fractional Odds, they can set the option so that the Fractional Odds input is opened by default. You can choose to create the odds in any of the 3 odds types. If you enter in decimal odds, the system will auto convert the other 2 during the SAVE process (and even stores all 3 sets of odds.

NOTE: Moneyline default is 100, Decimal is 2.00 and Fractional is 1/1 as those are EVEN bets. As you can see here, I am creating a new outcome, Moneyline odds input is pre selected as that is the system default (which is configurable) and the input is preset to 100 (which is EVEN moneyline odds).

As mentioned, you can input in any of the 3 Odds formats. Here I checked Decimal (the moneyline input disappears and the Decimal input appears). The input is preset to 2.00, which is EVEN for Decimal odds.

Lets take a quick look at Fractional. When I check Fractional, the decimal input disappears and the 2 Fractional inputs appear. They are both set to 1 aka 1/1, which is EVEN odds for Fractional.

Your members will see all 3 types of Odds, not just the one that you choose to input the odds on the create/edit form.

OK, now lets talk about the EDITING of an outcome. Unlike the Create input that defaults to the System Setting for the Odds type, when you EDIT and outcome, its going to select the Odds input type that was used on the last SAVE (it stores the odds format type last used). In this case, I created the outcome by using Decimal odds, so when I edit it, it opens with Decimal Odds checked instead of Moneyline. If I now check Fractional and SAVE, its going to set the odds_format_type to Fractional for this outcome, so the next time you (or someone else) edits it, it would open with Fractional pre checked). This comes in handy when your system preset is one format, but the outcomes that you are dealing with only have odds in one of the other formats, so when you edit and need to change, its in the correct format for input without having to check the odds type you need.

NOTE: The above screenshots do not contain all of the inputs that are part of the Create/Edit Outcome form. The appearance will change before initial release. These are just TEASERS of whats to come in the XF2 version of Sportsbook.