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Implemented Option: Hide wagers until event is closed or outcome is locked


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As per title, I've added a new Sportsbook Option 'Hide wagers until event is closed or outcome is locked' (located in the Events options section of the Sportsbook Options).

Note: This is an Opt IN option, meaning that it is disabled by default and those that want to use it, will need to enable it. Those that don't want to use this feature do not need to do anything.


This option is used to determine whether or not the viewing user can view a given Wager.

The Event Bookie can always view all wagers placed on outcomes for the event.

The Outcome Bookie (if a different member than the Event Bookie), can always view wagers placed on their Outcome.

Members can always view their own wagers.

If this option is enabled, members will not be able to view other members wagers until either the Outcome itself is LOCKED or the Event as a whole is CLOSED.

The "Wagers placed" tab is also effected. When this option is enabled, the Wagers placed tab is only accessible by the Event Bookie while the Event is OPEN. Once the Event is Closed, the tab will become available to all members that have permission to view the Event.

This Feature was sponsored by a long time Sportsbook license holder!
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