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Not Possible Season/games file upload - Any chance of this?


I'd probably even pay for something that let me upload a league's full schedule as a CSV or other file.

I've just added 198 games to the 2020 AFL season. Excruciating.
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I've just added 198 games to the 2020 AFL season. Excruciating.
Why do you add an ENTIRE SEASON in one sitting? There is no need to do that to yourself. Just add the first few weeks (2-4 weeks), then after that, once an evening for 10 minutes, add 1 or 2 more weeks. There is NO WAY that I would add 17 weeks of games (256 games) in ONE sitting, but I can knock out an entire season doing them a few weeks at a time. Its not important to have week 17 in the system until the day before Week 17 starts, so why make it difficult on yourself to add it 4 months before its even used.

Anyway.... no, Pickem will not have some kind of generic automated Season Uploader. That would have to be a custom addon built specifically for your data source as well as the data source would have to know what your Team Id's that you have in YOUR system (which would require modification to your source.