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Implemented Simple Tie Breakers


Staff member
I've added a simple Tie Breakers system to Pickem that is easy to use and very flexible. This is optional (meaning you don't have to use it). It is comprised of 2 Inputs per Pool and 2 inputs per week on the Admin Side and 2 inputs per week for users.

On the Admin side. If you want to use it, you will need to set 2 inputs for each pool that you want to use tie breakers in.

Both the Pool Create and Pool Edit forms have 2 inputs for Tie Breakers (Tie Breaker #1 and Tie Breaker #2). You can use #1, #1 and #2, #2 or neither.


Its complete TEXT based (256 characters allowed for the tie breaker questions on the backend and the tie breaker responses (answers) on the frontend).

As you can see here, I've added 2. The first one I'm asking for the users to guess the Total Score for the Monday Night Football game and the 2nd tie breaker is the total score of the Sunday Night game.

Since its TEXT based, you can do anything you want. You could do something like "What color Tie will Chris Collingsworth wear on Sunday Night Football". You can do this, because the users on the frontend answer via a text input field. If you only want to use 1 tie breaker, its probably best to use Tie Breaker #1 even tho you CAN just use tie breaker #2.

NOTE: You set the tie breakers for the entire season. Do NOT change them from week to week!


Obviously, you need the ability to LOCK the tie breaker inputs on the frontend to prevent them from being edited after the game they are associated with has started. So what I've done is added 2 additional date fields to the Week Create and Week Edit forms.

The 2 new date inputs are located below the Save Week button. This is because they are OPTIONAL. If you are not using tie breakers, simply ignore the optional date inputs! When you save, if they are empty, they will inherit the close date data for internal purposes.


Here is an example where all the dates are filled in. Since I am using for specific games, I can add lock dates which will match the lock dates for the start times of those games.


Thats all there is to it on the backend. Simple and Easy (as it should be)

Lets move onto the frontend. When a pool has added Tie Breakers, they will be displayed at the base of the Picks input form. The input for will display the Question for each tie breaker followed by a text input that they can enter up to 256 characters.

NOTE: You can make the inputs larger via simple template edit setting the size attribute for the input.


And here you can see the tie breakers being displayed on the Picks page.

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