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Not Planned Load schedule via CSV File


Loading schedules is, for me, sometimes full of possible errors. For later weeks I am tapping through the date selector, hitting dates for open, lock etc.

For unfamiliar sports I make a lot more errors.

Reading off a schedule and mentally swapping between 24 hour time and AM/PM time can be a drag - I got into a silly habit of mistakenly putting in 10:30 instead of 22:30 at one point.

Not to mention the tedium and the time of manually entering every single game.

If I could take a CSV file similar to this:


And load it in once it would be a life saver.

I'm sure it's been discussed before (maybe even by me?) but this time of year I am entering in like 200 games and it is a tedious time sink.

Will pay cash to help this happen.
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Oh, and I would probably set up a lot more leagues if I could load the schedule in from a file. Some leagues I have run have had maybe 5 to 10 competitors which to me is a lot of work for such a small group.
I'm looking to implement / commission an addon which imports spreadsheet/data into Showcase. It might be expendable into other 'Bob' addons.

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