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Fixed Rated and Reviewed alert on rating, when review is optional

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I have reviews enabled, but they are optional. A member rated a showcase item, but did not leave a review and I am watching the item, so I got an alert saying: Capture.PNG. I clicked on it and it said:
Utah Fishkeepers - Error
The requested review could not be found.
It still had me approve the review for the rating to show up even though there was no review, just a rating.
That is a REVIEW alert, not a RATING alert. A RATING alert will link you to the Item and doesn't mention the word review at all. A REVIEW alert will link you to a review (as there is something to actually view).

Also, RATINGS bypass the moderation queue as only records with the field 'is_review' are fetched.

Not sure what would cause a RATE ONLY to fire off a REVIEW Alert and there is NO WAY that a RATING ONLY should be showing up in the moderation queue because there is a WHERE CLAUSE that fetched based on the field 'is_review'.

Any modifications done on your site pertaining to Showcase Ratings and Reviews?

Might be a good idea to temporarily check "require reviews" if it continues to be a problem (or ratings only).

I'll do some troubleshooting this weekend!
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