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Question about adding outcomes


When I add an outcome, I enter the "Outcome Title" and the "Current Odds". When I then press the enter key (or after clicking on the "Add Outcome" button) I'm displayed with the form again so I can enter more outcomes. This is good and the textbox for "Outcome Title" gets cleaned however the values for "Current Odds" are still displaying what I entered on the last outcome added for that event.

I think you should also empty both textboxes related to "Current Odds" to prevent confusion.
That is something you'll need to change on your own as:
  1. it is behavior that was requested by several license holders and has been part of Sportsbook for over 7 years now.
  2. I am no longer developing the XF1 version of Sportsbook (only maintenance). All development is focused on XF2 versions of my addons.
Adding outcomes to the XF2 version of Sportsbook is different than the XF1 version, so this doesn't even come into play in the XF2 version of Sportsbook.