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Implemented Widget definition- Sportsbook: Latest outcomes


Staff member
As per title, I've added a new Widget definition (Sportsbook: Latest outcomes), which allows you to create Widgets that will display the latest outcomes (new and updated) that have been added to various events within categories that you choose to pull from for the widget.

This Widget Definition has a few options (they should be self explanatory as they are commonly used options in many Widget Definitions).


The Display style "Simple" is designed specifically for display in the Sidebar or Sidenav (as they use sidebar and sidenav specific CSS classes).


The Display style "Full - Outcome view layout" is designed specifically for display in larger (full width) areas (like main content areas). Its not designed to be used in the Sidebar or Sidenav.


The Headers LINK to a new page called "Latest outcomes" that is a paginated listing of all the LATEST (within the read marking cutoff time frame) Outcomes that are currently OPEN (does not include Locked or Settled outcomes).


Note: You can add this page to the Sportsbook Navigation Links if you want to (I have no plans to add it, but can explain how if you are interested).
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