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Implemented Sticky Outcomes


Staff member
Sticky Outcomes

This is something that I have been wanting to do for awhile now and now is as good of time as any to implement this.

Sticky Outcomes work just like Sticky Threads in that they are displayed at the top of the outcomes listing on page 1 of the event outcomes list no matter what the SORT ORDER is set to (if you have multiple stickies, they will also sort within themselves in the specified sort order). Sticky Outcomes do work with filters, so if you filter by NO WAGERS and the Sticky Outcomes have wagers, those will be filtered out (as they should).

This comes in real handy when you have an event with dozens of outcomes and you want to Stick the most important ones at the top of of the listing on page 1 of the event.

When a bookie creates an outcome, they will have an option to set the outcome as a Sticky outcome.


When a bookie edits an outcome, they will have an option to set (or unset) the outcome as a Sticky outcome.


Sticky outcomes display a "pin" just like Sticky Threads and other "sticky" content. You can also use the class sbOutcome.sticky to add css to style the sticky outcome containers to your liking.


Here I am filtering by "No Wagers" and as you can see, even the sticky outcomes will be removed when the filters don't match.

In this shot, I've LOCKED one of the sticky outcomes so that you can see what happens when we filter by Status


I am Filtering the outcome list to only display OPEN outcomes, so the sticky outcome that is locked will not display.


In this shot, I am sorting by Amount Staked. As you can see, the stickies stay at the top of the list. Vikings -7 has less money staked than the 3rd outcome on this list, however, since its a sticky, its always going to remain above non sticky content.

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