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Implemented Permission to set Blog Entry Map Options


Staff member
This was funded by @alfa1 and graciously donated back to the UBS community for everyone's benefit.

This has been implemented in UBS 2.2.28

Being able to set Blog Entry Map Options is now permissions based.


If the viewing user is the Blog Owner and has permission to set blog entry map options, they will see the "Map options" section.

Note: Moderators with permission to edit any blog will see the Map options section and will be able to set/change any of the Map Options for the Blog.


In this shot, you can see the that Map options section is gone. This is because the viewing user does not have the above permission that allows them to set the Blog Entry Map Options.

Note: You'll also notice that the "Misc options" section is also gone. This is because that too is now permissions based and si explained in another thread.

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