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No Tie Breakers


New Member
Okay, time to do first post, loving Pickem so far.

We have used the phppickem script for years and had it set so there would be no tie breakers per week. So if you had 2 members with same score for the week they both counted.

Is there anyway to do the same with this Pickem?

Right now with a tied game only 1 person gets the pick right and the other person shows his pick wrong.
So player 1 (tied 1 game) 13 out of 16 correct
Player 2 (tied 1 game) 12 out of 16 correct.
Im not sure I am following you. You talk about Tie Breakers, then you talking about tie games. The 2 have nothing to do with each other.

Tie Breakers (which Pickem has) are only used by Admins, to determine 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for the week.


Bob and Sue both get 14 out of 16 correct and are currently TIED for 1st place for the week. So to determine 1st place, an admin will look at the 1st tie breaker (what ever that might be)... could be Chris Collingsworth Tie Color. If both Bob and Sue get that correct, the 2nd tie breaker comes into play (could be the total score of the SNF game)... Sue is closet, so Sue get 1st place and Bob gets 2nd place.

There are 5 people tied for 3rd and you go through that same process with those 5 until you determine who gets 3rd place.

As for TIE GAMES, Pickem does not count a TIE GAME as a correct pick (some pickems do that, some don't).. in Vegas, if you play pickem, tie games result as a PUSH (you get your stake back).

Same with Survivor. If you pick a team and that game ends in a tie, that counts as a STRIKE.

There are also DRAW Pools in Pickem, where there are 3 choices (Team A, Team B or Draw), where picking a Draw comes into play (its popular with Soccer).