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Resolved Override Pool Points per Week?


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Was getting ready to set up World Cup pickem this weekend and for some reason I thought I would be able to set different points awarded for correct picks on a game-by-game basis... but no joy

So suggestion here is to be able to set the points awarded for a pool as it is now (master) but add the ability to override on the game input screen.

This would allow the following that I'm looking to do (fingers crossed for 2026 :) ):

win = 1 point (group stage)
draw = 2 points(group stage)
win = 2 points (round of 16)
win = 3 points (quarterfinals)
win = 5 points (semis)
win = 10 points (final and bronze game)
You can change a pool's "pick points value options" in a given pool after each week has been scored. I do that during the NFL Playoffs for each round/week. Just make sure that you change them AFTER the current week's scoring is complete (I usually wait to change them when the next round/week starts).

Super Wild Card Weekend:
Correct Home Team pick = 1.00 point
Correct Road Team pick = 1.50 points

Divisional Playoffs:
Correct Home Team pick = 1.00 point
Correct Road Team pick = 2.00 points

Conference Championships:
Correct Home Team pick = 2.00 points
Correct Road Team pick = 3.00 points

Super Bowl:
Correct Favored Team pick = 3.00 points
Correct Underdog Team pick = 4.00 points

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