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Not Planned No cat at all


I think that the AMS should have an option with this functions:

Use AMS without cats? Yes/No

dont show the sidebar for cats;
dont show the cat_view, do a route to the index, when cat is called.

I know that this breaks all that typical thinking, but that´s why i am here. :)

If we dont need cats, we should not show them.

Maybe, but it should still be an AMS without cats, we can use archive-cats; means that i add a cat at the end of 2019 and throw all articles inside. But i still dont want to see the cats in the normal way, but a link at the end of the page with 2019 (the name of the new cat). Then we dont need the routing from cat to index.

This means:

1. option to have no cats; tell AMS which cat is the container for that.
2. also tell AMS which cats are archive-cats to show them at the bottom

i can solve this by templates itself.
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