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Not Planned Suggestion for a 'quick post' article format for AMS


Another suggestion to this great product.

I don't know if applies, or if even can be achieved using HTML widgets or better way, but i was thinking...

In my case, as you all know, i use AMS as my main landing page for my news website and sometimes, i don't need to post an full article with all the resources.

Sometimes i just want to do a 'quick post' in my AMS page, showing first and above all the modular index content.

For example: Breaking news stuff, short videos, a quick stream, normally content that don't have the 'needs' for a full article post.

I just got a news from the Old Country for example, that i have the video, and is going to be nice if my reader can enter in the site and having this video to see, with a quick description.

If I use the old good traditional widgets for, is not going to be a easy way to do it or even the style is not a good one. Looks like just a ugly box in the middle of the page.

Well, just a suggestion, don't even know if people will want that too.

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I've read this multiple times now and still don't have the foggiest idea of what you are wanting.

Are you suggesting a new Layout Type? If so, how can I consider that if you don't submit DETAILS of what it looks like including a mock up? Ya gotta give me (or Russ) a visual of some kind.
Oh sorry, is so hard to describe in text when we talk about visual things.

I'm going to make some mock up if it helps.
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Here we go, hope that I can explain what I'm thinking, or, if there is an alternative.

The use of "Widget definition AMS: Latest articles" is usefull for me, specially when setting the Display style to: Full - Article view for breaking news, 'important' articles, etc.

Usually I use this widget for posting very important news, displaying in the first position (01), getting something like this in my landing page:


But, as I told, I have to create a full and complete article in AMS to look great, using an image for cover, text, tags, SEO/META description, etc.

My idea, if it cannot be achieved by other way, was to give us the possibility of creating a 'quick AMS post'. Please ignore the content and the language, showing my great skills of designing, equivalent to my skills of rocket science, nuclear reactors and nuclear fusion energy (and the jokes, of course).

Let's say there is some YouTube live stream that I want to show in my first page, a quick thing, some important trending video, like a cat playing piano... The video/image/thing link embeds and show nicely:


That's it. A way of quick posting something, without the need of creating an article post in AMS.

Another example, using this suggestion, in the sidebar, to show, each day, some new cartoon, image or something like that.

Guys, is just a suggestion, because if there is any other way to achieve what I'm trying to achieve, please, tell me!

Thanks for the attention.