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Implemented Moderator Function - Lock Blog


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I would like a Moderator Function "Lock blog" that works similar to the Moderator Function "Lock thread".

The main purpose of locking a blog is to prevent new blog entries from being posted, but also prevent general blog management as well as to lock all blog entries within the blog itself.
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This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
Moderators with permission to edit any blog, can now lock (and unlock) a blog.


When a blog is locked, the following functions are disabled for Blog Author, Community Blog Manager and any Community Blog Contributors.
  • Post Entry
  • Edit|Delete Blog
  • Change Blog Dates
  • Set Cover Image
  • Create|Edit|Delete poll
  • Add|Edit|Delete Page
  • Manage Pages
  • Edit Tags


Important Note: When a blog is locked, this will also LOCK all Blog Entries within the Blog (see this thread for what functions are disabled when a blog entry is locked: Implemented - Moderator Function - Lock Blog Entry)