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I'm not sure how simple this would be but I thought that having "mini-leagues" would be pretty cool.

For example, the pool leaderboard shows the overall scores for everyone entered into the pool but if you have a group of friends you want to have your own competition between, you'd all be able to enter a "mini-league" which would basically just show a leaderboard for people who joined that league.

If you've played fantasy football before that should hopefully make sense.
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I've added this to the white board of things to look into. Its probably not something that I could add in right away, but certainly think that its a cool idea and adds another dimension to the addon, specially in very large pools.
Hey Bob,

Sorry for bumping such an old thread, but... well, I would like to add my vote to the suggestion :)
don't be sorry, bump anything you want. I'd rather you have bump an existing thread than to make a dupe lol

Unfortunately, I've not even had time to look into this yet and probably won't for awhile. Just to many other things with a higher priority at the moment (like Survival Pools).
I would also like to vote for this. Not sure how you would set it up but I've had other forums asking about a competition between forums. Basically be there members against mine and something like this would work great I think. Ability to set up multiple divisions would be even better. I'm talking NFL of course. Would be cool to get multiple forums going against each other.
Following previous advice in this thread, I'm bumping this - this is a great idea, and would allow me to appeal to external groups/other sites who can filter by their own 'groups' to compete against each other.
This would solve a bit of an issue we have.

18 teams in the league, so to have team forum based pools we have to start an extra 18 different pools.

I don't know if it would be better to just have them all join the main pool (which has a $500 first prize) and display an extra ladder based on the team they selected at registration.

It's a thought.