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Showcase Map Function Demo - Showcase

Discussion in 'Pre-Sale Questions' started by Miri, Mar 15, 2022.

  1. Miri

    Miri New Member

    I am looking for an extension that acts as a collector of some markers (about 6500) on the map of one of my directories.

    Currently this large directory is present on a joomla site that I manage and I wanted to transfer it to a reliable and intuitive extension XENFORO.

    Last year I looked around a bit, and saw another competitor developing xenforo extensions but it was for XENFORO 1 and had no intention of upgrading it to XENFORO 2.

    I had also checked your site, seen the renowned and known quality of your work, but I did not find anything. I gave up and gave up.

    Today, browsing and doing some research, this suggestion appears:
    Implemented - Custom Map Markers, both global and per category

    So here is the reason for my registration and this topic.

    I would like to know more please about your component and the map function that was unknown to me until today, if it were possible for us to have an online demo, to test this functionality live.

    A thousand thanks
  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Probably a good place to start would be here (this explains the Category Maps functionality): Implemented - Category Maps

    Then review these:

    Google Maps Geocoding API -> Location Data Enhancements: Implemented - Google Maps Geocoding API -> Location Data Enhancements

    Google Maps Marker Clustering: Implemented - Google Maps Marker Clustering

    Map Marker Icon Legend for Category Maps: Implemented - Map Marker Icon Legend for Category Maps

    Localize Maps if possible?: Implemented - Localize Maps if possible?

    Custom Map Markers, both global and per category: Implemented - Custom Map Markers, both global and per category

    Note: Showcase is not my only addon that has advanced Google Maps functionality, IMS (Item Management System), RMS (Review Management System) and UBS (User Blogs System) all have advanced maps features (these are private addons, so you won't find information about them here, you can contact me privately to discuss further).

    This is possible, contact me privately when you have time :)

    Miri likes this.
  3. Miri

    Miri New Member

    Hi, thanks for answering me.
    I didn't know about your hidden gold mine. In order not to waste your time, I wanted to know, if these advanced features (in my case google maps) are included with the premium subscription of the main component, or are they a separate expense? Thank you
  4. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    The Google Maps features are part of the Addon. When I use the word advanced, its mainly to signify that its more than an ON/OFF type feature and that are some requirements such as obtaining valid API Keys from Google.

    The $50 Standard license and the $75 Premium license are the exact same addon. Premium and Standard are just license types.

    Standard license includes 1 year of basic support and downloads ($25 for a 1 year extension) and access to Stable versions of the addon.

    Premium license includes 1 year of advanced support and downloads ($35 for a 1 year extension), access to all versions (Alpha, Beta, Release Candidate and Stable), early access (before standard license holders), discounts on multiple license, discounts on custom development, Phone support (US only), access to my private development site (which is where I provide advanced support for Premium license holders), access to purchase private addons (and stuff I am probably forgetting about as I am at work typing this on the fly in a meeting ha!).
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  5. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    One more thing (and this one is huge), suggestions posted by Premium license holders (as long as they are posted at my private development site) have more weight, than suggestions posted here.
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  6. Miri

    Miri New Member

    Hi @Bob,
    Beyond the license, which "add-on" of yours should I buy for my project?
    Could you please, send me a link privately, to see an online demo?

    A thousand thanks
  7. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Sent you an inbox ;)
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