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Implemented Index Map


Staff member
This was funded by a long time supporter of Showcase.

As per title, I've added Index Maps to Showcase.

This is both permissions based and options based. I've renamed the 2 existing Maps permissions so that there is one permission that controls Maps with Single Markers (Item pages) and one for Multi Marker Maps (Index and Category Maps).

Note: You MIGHT have to SET the "View multi marker maps" permissions as the permission ID itself has changed).


I've added 2 new sets of options to the "Map options" area of the Showcase Options. These new options allow you to enable/disable both types of Index Maps. When enabled, each option group will have some sub options as shown below.


There are 2 types of Index Maps. Smallish one that displays above the Items Listing on Showcase Index and a Full Page Index Map. You can enable one, the other, both or none.

The small map on the Showcase Index page will only display Items that have been fetched for the page (includes Featured Items that have been fetched as well as any Sticky Items that have been fetched). If there are multiple pages of items, its only going to use item data from those that are fetched for that page (just like category maps behave).

The Full page map will display as many map markers as you set via the Marker limit (100 in this case). The Full page map includes filters, just like the Full page category maps do.


Full Page Index Map...

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