showcase 3.2.25

  1. Bob

    Release Showcase (SC) 3.2.25 (Stable/Supported) released

    Showcase (SC) 3.2.25 (Stable/Supported) released. Important Note: This version of Showcase requires XF 2.2.2 ! Showcase is available for purchase here. For yearly renewal to extend support and upgrade access: Cost and How to extend support and downloads access for 1 year. You will find more...
  2. Bob

    Fixed Convert post to update error with notifications

    If you convert a post to an update and enable the option "Notify author of this action", the following error is thrown.
  3. Bob

    Implemented Index Map

    This was funded by a long time supporter of Showcase. As per title, I've added Index Maps to Showcase. This is both permissions based and options based. I've renamed the 2 existing Maps permissions so that there is one permission that controls Maps with Single Markers (Item pages) and one for...
  4. Bob

    Updated Item Merge Service now includes merging item updates from source items into the target item

    I've updated the Item Merge Service to include merging Item Updates (content type sc_update). The Item Merge Service merges Comments, Ratings, Reviews, Updates, Item Reply Bans, Watched Items and Content Tags from Source Items into a Target Item. The Item Merge Service also updates the Search...