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Implemented Category Maps


Staff member
This is a similar feature to category maps feature from Showcase 2.x that has been re-implemented in SC 3.1.6.

Similar: Resembling without being identical.

Important Note: This feature requires 2 Google Maps API Keys (Google Maps JavaScript API Key and Google Maps Geocoding API Key).


This is a Per Category feature that is disabled by default, which means that you need to enabled Category Maps for EACH category that you expect a Category Map to be displayed one.

There are 2 sets of Category options pertaining to Category Maps (Map options and Full page map options). This allows you to use one, the other, both (or neither).

Map options: These options pertain to displaying a Map of Items on the Category Page. The Items that are displayed on the map, are items that are within the page results for that particular page (so if you are on page 1 and there are 20 items per page, then if any of those 20 items have a valid location with Geolocation data, they will be plotted on the map). Note: This works different than Showcase 2.x (its actually the way I intended it to work for Showcase 1.x). The options are much more simplified as well (3 of them... turn it on/off, set a display location (top or bottom), and the container height)

Full page map options: These options pertain to displaying a map of items from the category on its own page. The items that are displayed on the map are based on fetching X amount (up to 200) by a specific sort order (rating is the default). So for example, you could have the Full page map display 100 of the top rated items within the category (its entire tree). This Map also lets you FILTER the results (which means you can change the fetching order).


Here are a couple screen shots...



Here is a shot of the Full Page category map (and as you can see, it has Filters).


Geocoding API and integration within Showcase.

As mentioned above, Category Maps requires 2 Google Maps API's, one of which is the Geocoding API.

This API is used to fetch Geocoding Data based on the Location (address) added to the location field.

When an ITEM is created or edited and NEW or UPDATED data is entered into the LOCATION field, the save process will trigger the API to fetch location data and update the location_data field (which is a JSON formatted BLOB). Everything is handled by the API (there is no manual updating of location_data in SC 3.x).


The UPGRADE (to Showcase 3.1.6) will enque a JOB that runs the "Showcase: Rebuild item location data" rebuild. This is necessary due to changes in the API as well as a new format for storing location data cache within Showcase.

Note: you can also manually run the item location data cache rebuild at any time.

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