showcase 3.1.6

  1. Bob

    Implemented Merge Comments

    Merging comments has been implemented in Showcase 3.1.6. This works exactly like post merging within a thread works. When you select 2 or more comments, the "Merge comments..." inline moderation tool will be available as an action. Choosing the "Merge comments..." action will launch an...
  2. Bob

    Implemented Insert (embed) Showcase Item into a Post

    Similar to the popular XFMG feature that allows members to embed media/ablums into a post I've added the ability to embed Showcase Items into a post. Here are a couple screen shots ... In this shot, you can see that there is a new button (if the viewing user has appropriate permissions and...
  3. Bob

    Implemented Widget positions - Showcase category: Above items and Showcase index: Above items

    I've added 2 new Widget positions to Showcase. These allow you to add Widgets above the Items Lists on Showcase Index and Category pages.
  4. Bob

    Implemented Widget Definition - Showcase: Items map

    As per title, I've added a new Widget Definition named Showcase: Items map. As the name implies, this widget definition allows you to create widgets that will display a map with Item Markers and place them anywhere (like Forum Home). This Widget requires 2 Google Maps APIs. The JavaScript API...
  5. Bob

    Implemented Custom Map Markers, both global and per category

    As per title, Showcase now has custom map marker both at the global level and per category overrides. You can easily now have Category Maps in Showcase that look like this simply by using the new custom map markers options. The Global Showcase option now has a new section for Map...
  6. Bob

    Implemented Category Maps

    This is a similar feature to category maps feature from Showcase 2.x that has been re-implemented in SC 3.1.6. Similar: Resembling without being identical. Important Note: This feature requires 2 Google Maps API Keys (Google Maps JavaScript API Key and Google Maps Geocoding API Key). This...
  7. imthebest

    Implemented Ability to insert showcase item from editor

    Hi Bob, When using XFMG, there is a new icon on the WYSIWYG editor (a camera Font Awesome icon) that you can use to insert an item on the post. It would be awesome if you implement something similar, so this way we could easily add items to your posts. Thanks, imthebest