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Implemented Widget Definition - Showcase: Items map


Staff member
As per title, I've added a new Widget Definition named Showcase: Items map. As the name implies, this widget definition allows you to create widgets that will display a map with Item Markers and place them anywhere (like Forum Home).

This Widget requires 2 Google Maps APIs. The JavaScript API is for rendering the Map itself and the Geocoding API is for converting the address into GeoCode data for the JavaScript API to use to plot markers on the Map.

Selection_999(086) (1).png

There are some configuration options available (they should all be self explanatory).

Note: This is a FULL SIZE widget only specifically designed to be used in the main content area's, not sidebar blocks.

Im going to create a "Top Rated Ski Resorts" widget for Forum Home page. So I set the sort order to Rating and select the Ski Resorts category.


And here you can see what the Widget looks like on Forum Home.



Note: The different colored markers are part of another "maps" feature that is explained in another implemented suggestion thread.
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