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Updated Manage Your Pools changes


Staff member
As per title, I've made some changes to the Manage Your Pools page for better experience when using mobile devices.

A Tabbed interface has been added for "Your Pools" and "Available Pools". No more scrolling down past dozens of pools only to find out that there are no available pools. You can see right at the top of the page the number of available pools on the "Available Pools (3)" tab.

The sidebar (not needed for managing pools) has been removed. This by far was a huge waste of resources. Gone are the additional queries to fetch unneccessary information like the Pick Distribution blocks. Its a page for joining pools, it should load fast an not contain things that don't apply to joining a pool. All those images from the Pick Distro's don't get loaded either making the page load faster which is important for Mobile.

I've also added a "Enable Email Reminders" link to this area as it applies to all pools, not to each specific pool.

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