pickem 1.6.0

  1. Bob

    Implemented Option - Pickem Style: override user style choice

    Individual Pools have the ability to set a specific style for a Pool, however, there are pickem pages like the Hall of Fame and Manage your Pools that are not "pool" specific, so these pages would default to the viewing users style, so as per title, I've added a Global Option that allows you to...
  2. Bob

    Implemented Navigation Tab Position

    As per title, I've added an option to the Pickem Options that allow you to set the Navigation Tab position to one of the 3 Core XenForo tab positions (Home, Middle, End). HOME = Between Home Tab and Forums Tab MIDDLE = Between Forums Tab and Members Tab END = After Members Tab NOTE: For...
  3. Bob

    Updated Create Pool Changes

    I've made a few changes to the Create Pool process. First change is that I've got rid of the PENDING pool status. That was left over legacy stuff from earlier versions of Pickem. When you create a new pool, it defaults to OPEN, however, I've added the option to set it to CLOSED as well. I...
  4. Bob

    Updated Manage Your Picks changes

    As per title, I've made some changes to the Manage Your Picks page for better experience when using mobile devices. This area now loads much faster, has less queries and is lighter weight. The sidebar has been removed. This was a huge waste of resources on this page as most of it was duplicate...
  5. Bob

    Updated Manage Your Pools changes

    As per title, I've made some changes to the Manage Your Pools page for better experience when using mobile devices. A Tabbed interface has been added for "Your Pools" and "Available Pools". No more scrolling down past dozens of pools only to find out that there are no available pools. You can...
  6. Bob

    Updated Pickem Management pages update responsive layouts

    As per title, I've updated most of the Pickem Management layouts in the Admin CP with better handling for responsive break points. This is especially helpful when attempting to manage Pickem with a 5 inch smart phone in portrait mode lol
  7. Bob

    Updated Tie Breakers - 2 additional tie breakers have been added

    As per title, I've updated the Tie Breakers system to add 2 addtional Tie Breakers for a total of 4 Tie Breakers per pool. Pool Create/Edit includes inputs for 4 tie breakers. Week Create/Edit includes functionality to set the lock date/time for each individual tie breaker. When a...