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Updated Tie Breakers - 2 additional tie breakers have been added


Staff member
As per title, I've updated the Tie Breakers system to add 2 addtional Tie Breakers for a total of 4 Tie Breakers per pool.

Pool Create/Edit includes inputs for 4 tie breakers.


Week Create/Edit includes functionality to set the lock date/time for each individual tie breaker.

When a pool has Tie Breakers set, those tie breakers will be displayed on the Picks Edit form. This particular pool has 4 tie breakers set, so all 4 of them are displayed.


The Picks Management page will display the Tie Breakers below the picks.


The Players Picks overlay will display the Tie Breakers below the picks. Default is without the Tie Breaker Header as it looks cleaner this way on the overaly (which should be as minimal as possible).


If your prefer the Tie Breaker Header displayed, you can edit the player picks template and remove the xen comments tags from each tie breaker block of code.

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