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Implemented Lock individual Outcomes in Open Events


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As per title, the ability to LOCK an individual outcome from having further wagers placed on it while the Event is still Open allowing wagers to be placed on outcomes that are not locked.

EDIT: Suggestion split out into separate suggestion thread.
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This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
LOCK and AUTO LOCK would be quite useful. However would be best if it was per event as you mention, and not just an admin cp option for all events :)
(Hopefully your thinking of simply adding it per event to the creation page, that would be great!)
This suggestion has been marked as Implemented....

One example would be the ability to LOCK an outcome (from having further wagers placed on it even the the event is still open).
Starting with Sportsbook 1.6.0, you can now LOCK individual outcomes. This allows you to keep the event OPEN for users to place wagers on outcomes that are not locked.

NOTE: This will be eventually enhanced to include Auto Locking based on a set date/time, total wagers and total staked.





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