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Not Planned League Table widget


New Member

Is it possible to have a league table (possibly with a way to show overall week and most recent week) that we can then display on the front page - or even just the top 10 etc.?

I'm looking under widgets now in XF2 ACP, but there's only stuff for sportsbook, not Pickem!
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Is it possible to have a league table
No. Something like that would require custom development as Season/Team related historical data such as wins and losses for a season are not something that are calculated and stored (nor are there any functions in Pickem to fetch and compile that data). I have no plans to add historical tracking of team wins and losses, so you are going to have to find a developer to extend Pickem if you want/need it.

I have some plans for some Pickem Widget Definitions, however, they will be related to Pickem Pools Data (like Pool Leaderboards, Latest Comments etc).