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Updated Misc Layout updates


Staff member
I've made dozens and dozens of tweaks, changes, updates etc to all Layout Types, Blocks and Carousels. The main purpose of these updates is to standardize Layout Types, Blocks and Carousels across all of my Addon-ons. This is Phase I (prep) where Phase II will come with XF 2.3 versions of my addons. So Grid View in Link Directory is mostly the same as Grid View in IMS is mostly the same as Grid View in RMS with the only differences being something specific to that addon (like UBS Blog Entries have 2 parents, a Blog and a Category, so BLOG data is more prevalent in UBS than Categories are).

Its mainly standardizing things like various Font Sizes, Padding, Margins etc. For the most part, unless you are viewing with a desk top, you won't even notice as most of the tweaks applied to above Medium Responsive break point, so Tables and Phones will not see any of the changes sans BOLD Titles for unread content in Grid Block and Carousels.

Main Content Titles: Moving back to the original larger (20px) Titles as standard across all addons. This applies to all Layout Types (List View, Grid View, Tile View, Article View, Item View, Blog Entry View, Carousel and Grid Block).

Note: 20px is Core XF Default for the Style Property "Typography >> Larger font size" font-size: @xf-fontSizeLarger;. Custom Styles may change that value to match the style.

Grid Block and Carousel now have bold Titles for unread content.

Featured Items Carousel now has a Snippet length option so that you can adjust the amount of text you want to display. Previously this was hard coded to 150 and you'd have to edit that value via a template edit or TM). Now you can adjust it via Link Directory Item list options. Comes in handy when choosing between using "Show 1" or "Show 2"

Grid View now has a Snippet length option so that you can adjust the amount of text you want to display on the Grid View Layout Type (like you can with List View and Article View). Previously this was hard coded to 150 and you'd have to edit that value via a template edit or TM).

Meta Data (Author, Create Date, Last Update, View Count, Comment Count, Rating, Review Count etc) for Item View, Grid View and Article View are now all displayed below the Title and the same font size (12px). Tile View and Grid Block remains the same, only the addition of displaying the Last Update date and font size is now 11px font-size: @xf-fontSizeLarger; (Grid Block is based off of Tile View, so standardizing those as much as possible). Carousel View remains the same (meta data displayed below the Snippet).

Widgets >> Display style: Simple

I've updated all of the macros for the Simple display styles for Widgets as there were some inconsistencies across the board. Now all of them use the same base classes (which are all Core XF classes) and only Custom Classes are used where there is no usable Core XF Class.

For IMS, this includes Latest Items|Questions|Reviews widgets and Featured Items widgets, using the "simple" layout type. The simple macros had a lot of differences. Now (for the most part) they more consistent.

Example, currently, the footer for Latest question only displays the Date of the Question and larger font then the Latest Reviews. Now they are both the same as you can see below.

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