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Updated Misc Widget Definition enhancements


Staff member
As per title, I've made a few misc enhancements to several of the Widget Definitions included with Sportsbook.

Most of the Widget Definitions that allow you to filter the content by what category(s) that the content will be pulled from, now also include a Prefix Filter where you can select one or more prefixes to filter content (so if you only want recent outcomes from Events with the Prefix "Super Bowl", you can now do that.


Also added some new display types to a few Widget Definitions (mainly to display content in a carousel) (Latest Events & Popular Events now have this along with Upcoming events).


There is a change to the Events Carousel and Bets Carousel. It now uses show2 instead of show1 (so larger monitors, it will display 2 events/bets in the carousel instead of 1).


I've also included displaying the Event Prefix with the Event Title on Outcome and Wager related widgets.

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