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Future Fix Indicator for events you've placed a wager on


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Not sure if possible, but would find it beneficial to have some sort of visual indicator on the Sportsbook index page & category index pages for events you have placed a wager in.
This has been implemented in Sportsbook 2.1.4

Any Events that you've placed a wager in, will now display a icon (a $ sign) symbolizing that you've wagered on the event. If you hover over the $ icon, it will display the text "You have wagers placed on this event".

@Regs I had to rescind this due to some weird issues with Pagination (causing events to not display).

I've moved this into BUGS with a FUTURE FIX status.
@Regs I know this isn't the same, however, it does HELP (and its better than nothing).

I've added a new block status on event pages that informs the viewing user that they've placed a wager (or multiple wagers) on any of the outcomes for event. The wagers placed amount in the block status message is LINKED to the new "Wagers placed" tab, filtered for the viewing user.

In this shot, I am viewing an open event and the block status message informs me that I have placed 5 wagers on this event. The wagers placed amount is LINKED to the Wagers placed tab filtered to my wagers placed.


Here you can see that clicking on the link takes me to the "Wagers placed" and filtered by "Admin".


Note: The phrase changes when the Event has been settled (a past tense vs a present tense).