sportsbook 2.2.2

  1. Bob

    Implemented Read marking and View tracking for Member Bets

    As per title, I've implemented both Read marking and Views tracking for Member Bets. This is mainly for internal use, however, things like Bet Titles will now be BOLD when unread (just like Thread Titles and Event Titles are Bold when Unread). Integration with the XF Find New system will be...
  2. Bob

    Implemented Alerts for Event and Bet Comments to work like Alerts for Posts in Discussion Threads

    This has been implemented in Sportsbook 2.2.2 This works exactly like Post Alerts work for Discussion Threads. As you can see, the Alert for the new comment now contains a blurb that states that there may be more comments after this (just like the post alert above it). There are no...
  3. Bob

    Implemented Event tabs navigation type - Scroller or Stacked

    This is probably the most requested customization question I get asked about for all my addons is how to get rid of the scroller tabs and wrap/stack them. Now its as easy as setting an option. As per title, I've added a new Sportsbook Events option that lets you choose which type of tabbed...
  4. Bob

    Implemented Image and Video uploads for Comments

    As per title, you can now upload images and videos to comments (both event comments and bet comments). There are 3 new Sportsbook: Comment permissions (shown below).
  5. Bob

    Implemented Upcoming events cutoff days

    I've added a new option that lets you set the cutoff days for Upcoming Events. Currently the system is hard coded at 30 days. This lets you lower that for really busy sites (and vice versa for sites without much current activity). The new option is the first option in the Events options...
  6. colcar

    Fixed Sticky'd outcomes not displaying

    Hi Bob, ever since I upgraded to XF2.2.5 we've had an unusual problem with outcome stickies. I think you have a login for my forum (let me know if you don't) This is a test outcome Non-Football - Test - Outcome - Outcome title3 but when stickied it disappears from this list Non-Football -...
  7. Nik

    Implemented All Event Wagers Tab

    Currently as far as I'm aware there's no easy summary of all wagers for a particular event outside of clicking on each outcome or using a skinny latest wagers widget which is not a good option for events with a large number of wagers. Propose to add a tab to each event with a summary of all...
  8. Nik

    Implemented Lock event thread on settlement

    Would be great to have the option to auto lock thread on settlement.
  9. Regs

    Future Fix Indicator for events you've placed a wager on

    Not sure if possible, but would find it beneficial to have some sort of visual indicator on the Sportsbook index page & category index pages for events you have placed a wager in.