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Implemented All Event Wagers Tab


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Currently as far as I'm aware there's no easy summary of all wagers for a particular event outside of clicking on each outcome or using a skinny latest wagers widget which is not a good option for events with a large number of wagers.

Propose to add a tab to each event with a summary of all wagers placed for that event. It's a good way to bring attention and a bit of easy marketing to events.
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This is sorta confusing as a Summary is a brief statement or account of the main points of something. There is an overall event SUMMARY on the Event TAB as well as an overall outcome summary on each outcome listed on the Event Tab.

This is a Summary (tells the viewing user the amount of wagers placed on the event, the amount staked and the amount paid out):


This is ALSO a summary (tells the viewing user how many wagers have been placed on the outcome and how much has been stacked):


A summary of an event would be the TOTALS of something (like the Total amount of Wagers or Total amount of Stakes placed). It wouldn't be a listing of each individual wager placed

With that said... I've developed a Paginated and Filterable LISTING of all wagers that have been placed on all outcomes associated with the event. The listing defaults to being sorted newest to oldest wagers placed (and can be sorted by wager amount and username). You can also filter the wagers placed list by a specific member.

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