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Fixed Sticky'd outcomes not displaying

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Is this with your Custom Style? It works fine for me on the Core XF Default style.
Is this with your Custom Style? It works fine for me on the Core XF Default style.
I don't have a custom style on the forum, unless you mean having a dark mode?

The sticking worked ok on my dark and light modes before I upgraded to XF2.2 the other day anyway.
That style is NOT the Default (unedited/unmodified) Core XenForo Style that comes with XenForo out of the box when installing the software.

You should have an UNEDITED/UNMODIFIED Core XF Default Style (this is a requirement for XF support as well as XenAddons support).

XenForo doesn't have Dark and Light modes.

You should have a style titled "Default style. This is the style that comes with XF. It should remain UNMODIFIED for troubleshooting purposes (and is required for support).

If you modified it and renamed it, then create a NEW Default style (click on Add style, set the Title to something like "Default style (DO NOT EDIT)", set the Parent style to "(no parent) and leave the Description and Asset locations blank). Uncheck the "Allow user selection" (which makes it so that only admins can view it) and then save.


Then go to the Event with the stickies and view it with the new unmodified default style.
I've just switched to default and had the same result, the outcome disappears when I make it a sticky.
Working fine for me (even with custom styles). In the screen shot below, I sticky'd Outcome 2. You can see that Outcome 2 is listed and has the sticky Pin Icon on the upper right.

With that said... I am running Sportsbook 2.2.2 (which has not been released yet), so its highly likely that I made some changes (I vaguely recall a similar issue with UBS sticky blogs). This event in the screenshot was created in March 2021 and I only do that when I am testing modifications to something. Pretty sure it had to do with page variable === Null (which is being used in Sportsbook 2.2.1, but not Sportsbook 2.2.2).

I'll try and get a maintenance release pushed out in the next few days and we'll see if that fixes your issue. Until then, just don't sticky any outcomes ;)

Not open for further replies.