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Updated Add "Settled" Label to Event Listing Pages

This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
I am only displaying a status label for the 2 status' that signify that some kind of action can (or needs to) be taken on the event (Open and Awaiting).

The Green "Open" is to grab the viewing users attention that they can place wagers on the event.

The Grey "Awaiting" is to get the attention of Bookies that can settle the event. Bookies can quickly see any events that they have permission to perform a settlement action on.

I won't be displaying Status labels on listing pages for "Closed" or "Settled" events.
I won't be displaying Status labels on listing pages for "Closed" or "Settled" events.
I liked that in your first version. Oh well. t's not a necessity and the way you've explained its removal makes perfect sense.
I've updated the Event Macros to include displaying a Label for both "Closed" and "Settled" event status as well as changed the label color for "Awaiting" to an attention grabbing color vs gray.

Open = Green label
Closed = Red label
Awaiting Settlement = Orange label (previously this label was gray, which was not attention grabbing)
Settled = Subtle label


Also, the status text on events that are "Awaiting settlement" has been changed from muted to orange (a much better attention grabbing color).