sportsbook 2.1.4

  1. Bob

    Implemented Cash to Poor system

    This new feature is based on a popular feature from the XF1 version of Sportsbook. This is not a feature parity version, its a brand new version. Options There are only 2 options, everything else is based on permissions. The first option enables/disables the Cash to poor system. The 2nd...
  2. R

    Implemented Upload attachments to Event Details

    There is no picture upload for detail page. :( Nobody has the time to link in a picture.
  3. R

    Implemented If only one category, skip category chooser

    If there is only one cat; we should not see the option to choose a cat.
  4. Regs

    Future Fix Indicator for events you've placed a wager on

    Not sure if possible, but would find it beneficial to have some sort of visual indicator on the Sportsbook index page & category index pages for events you have placed a wager in.
  5. M

    Implemented Move discussion thread on event settlement

    Something I did with cron in vBookie was to move the associated threads to a settled events sub-forum on completion, so only open and awaiting settlement threads appeared in the main forum section. Would it be possible to add that directly to this addon, or should I just figure out the Xen...