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Implemented Include full message text in watched Category notification emails


Staff member
As per title, Include the full message text (sections 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5)) in watched Category notification emails.

This requires the "Threads, discussions and conversations" option "Include full message text in watched thread/forum notification emails." to be enabled.

Selection_914 (1).png

Currently, when the above option is enabled, the email notifications will include the description text of the Showcase Item, not the message text fields. I've updated the email templates to use the full message text (sections 1-5) of the Showcase Item instead of the description (as shown below).

Note: each section is separated (in this example, the email includes text from section 1, section 2 and section 3). In future version, section headers will be included (at least that is my goal).

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