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Implemented Option: Display Sections 1-6 content on thread


Staff member
This feature was funded by a long time Showcase license holder and donated back to the community as a core feature of Showcase instead of an addon.

I've added a new Option that allows you to display Sections 1-6 content (rich text and custom fields) on the associated discussion thread.


In this shot, you can see that this Showcase Item has 2 Sections (General Information and Additional Information) being displayed on the Item Overview page.


If we view the associated thread with the new option disabled (its disabled by default), only the Header (Title, Cover Image, Custom Fields in Header, Tabbed Navigation) is displayed (which is how it has always been, so no change there).


However, if you enable the new option, you can see that the Sections content is now being displayed on the associated discussion thread (in the template extension position "above messages").

Section Title, Rich Text Message and Custom Fields for all 6 Sections will display if they have content.


If the viewing user does not have permission to view the full item, they will only see a limited snippet of Section 1 (and if they are not logged in, they will see a Log in or register now link). This works just like the Item Overview page for Sections 1-6.

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