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Implemented Category >> Item overview sections 1-6 options >> Minimum Message Length


Staff member
This Feature was funded by @cdub (paid for by helping me test a new addon, Item Management System).

As per title, I've added some new options to the Item overview sections 1-6 options, which allow you to set a Minimum Message Length when enabling the Editor for a given section.

This is a Per Category, Per Section option, which makes this very flexible.

Note: The default setting for these options is 0 (zero). A min length of 0 (zero) bypasses the validation check, meaning that the message field for that section is optional.

Note 2: The validation happens in both the Create Service and the Edit Service, meaning that existing items when edited, will have to comply in order to be saved when editing them.


When there is a minimum message length on a specific section and the amount of characters is less then the minimum required amount, an error will be thrown as part of the validation process.

As you can see here, both Sections 1 and 2 do not meet the minimum required characters, so the validation part of the save process throws errors for both (tells you which section and what the minimum required amount of characters is).

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Forgot to post a couple screen shots and some information about updated templates

The following templates have been modified significantly (to the point that auto or manual merging might not work, so if you've made a lot of customization's to the following templates, you probably should revert them and reapply your modifications towards the new code.
  • xa_sc_item_edit_macros
  • xa_sc_item_edit
  • xa_sc_category_add_item
With this new feature, changes to the editors for sections 1-6 were necessary so that each section could be identified as Required (has a min required characters) or Optional.

When Section content is required, there will be explain text (in red) informing the user that the section required at least x amount of characters.


Here is an example of a Section that does not have a min required characters, so it informs the user that the section content is optional.