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Implemented find-new/showcase-comments & find-new/showcase-reviews


Staff member
As most of you know, comments and user reviews do not have a READ MARKING system (nor do I have any plans of implementing one for them).

The XFRM doesn't have a read marking system either and they recently added a "New Resources" tab to the find-new system, so it got me to thinking that I could probably implement something similar for both Comments and User Reviews. Being that there is no READ MARKING system, they are not removed from the "New Comments" tab until they have met the cutoff date (which is the lifetime marking option in core XF).

The "New Profile Posts" also do not have a read marking system, but the developers added them to the find-new system as well.

This has been added because its one of the most individual requested features I get asking how to get MORE exposure to Comments and or User Reviews.


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