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Implemented "Find New" functionality


Staff member
as some of you may have seenvia an image in this thread: http://addons.nfljunkies.com/threads/itemcount-for-showcase-tab.410/ , showcase now is integrated with the core XF "Find New" functionality (Read Marking).

This works just like Thread Marking.. ie, when you read a thread, it stores a date/time stamp that you read that thread. So when you view a showcase item (either the item page or the review page), it stores a data/time stamp. When the Showcase Item is Updated OR if someone makes a COMMENT, it then becomes "NEW" again.

UPDATE = edit item and submit it as "updated". If you just edit the item and don't submit an update, it will not be considered "new"

COMMENT = a comment posted in the light weight comments system. Posting in the discussion thread has absolutely no baring on this what so ever as that is tracked by the "New Posts" functionality of "Find New"

Currently I have 1 layout for the New Items and that is the "Grid View". I will probably include a "List View" as well with an option for you to set which one you prefer.

Here is a view of what it looks like. As you can see, the find new post page is now "Tabbed" and in this example I have a tab for finding new Showcase Items as well as new Sportsbook Events (hint for those of you that have sportsbook)

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btw, this functionality requires xf 1.2.0. It is NOT backwards compatible with xf 1.1.x