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Implemented Lock/Unlock Update Replies


Staff member
Similar to being able to Lock/Unlock Comments and Lock/Unlock Ratings/Reviews, there is now a Lock/Unlock Update Replies function available to Item Owners. Co-Owners, Contributors and Moderators with the appropriate permissions. This allows Update Replies to be enabled/disabled on a per Item basis.

There is a new permission Lock / unlock update replies for own item. The viewing user must also pass the permission check to EDIT an item.

Note: Moderators only need to be able to edit the item.


When the viewing user has the appropriate permission, they will see a link in the More options dropdown on a given Item.


Clicking on the link launches a confirmation overlay


If Update replies are currently lock, then link changes to Unlock update replies


And the overlay changes to "Unlock update replies"


That's it in a nut shell :)
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