sc 3.2.33

  1. Bob

    Release Showcase (SC) 3.2.33 (Stable/Supported) released

    Showcase (SC) 3.2.33 (Stable/Supported) released. Important Note: This version of Showcase requires XF 2.2.2 ! It is highly recommended to read all the implemented suggestion threads and bug fix's so that you are familiar with them prior to upgrading. See: SC 3.2.33 for information of any new...
  2. Bob

    Implemented Lock/Unlock Update Replies

    Similar to being able to Lock/Unlock Comments and Lock/Unlock Ratings/Reviews, there is now a Lock/Unlock Update Replies function available to Item Owners. Co-Owners, Contributors and Moderators with the appropriate permissions. This allows Update Replies to be enabled/disabled on a per Item...
  3. Bob

    Implemented Beta Copy (clone) Item

    This was a [PAID] request funded by @cdub Showcase now has the ability to copy an existing item and create a new item based on data from that copy. This is a permissions based function. There are 2 permissions, one pertaining to allowing Item Owners to copy their own items and a Moderator...
  4. Bob

    Implemented A "Latest Items" Widget is now added to the "What's New" page during install (and via this upgrade).

    As per title, the Showcase installer now includes auto creating a "Latest items" widget that is displayed on the "What's new" page. Keep in mind, you've been able to do this on your own since XF 2.0.0. It's just a widget like any other widget. If you don't want it displayed on the What's...
  5. Alpha1

    Implemented Moderator Function - Lock Item

    I would like a Moderator Function "Lock item" that works similar to the Moderator Function "Lock thread". The purpose of locking an item is to prevent further edits being made by item contributors (Owner, Co-Owner, Contributors).